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2024     'This Person Does Not Exist', RNa5A, London, UK

2023     'My Husband' (front cover), Maud Ventura, Harper Collins, US

2019     'Irgendwann wird es gut' (front cover), Joey Goebel, Diogenes Publishing, Switzerland, Germany, Austria

2019     'Women Can’t Paint: Gender, the Glass Ceiling and Values in Contemporary Art', Dr Helen Gorrill, I.B. Tauris, UK

2018     'A Big Important Art Book (Now with Women)', Profiles of Unstoppable Female Artists', Danielle Krysa, Running Press, US

2018     'Madam & Eve, Women Portraying Women', Liz Rideal & Kathleen Soriano, published by Laurence King Publishing, UK

2017     'Columbia. A Journal of Literature and Art' (front cover), Columbia University's School of the Arts, US

2016     'The Blue Line: A Novel' (front cover), Ingrid Betancourt, Penguin Press, US

2015     'Jean Paul Gaultier au Grand Palais', TM Loriot, N Bondil & JP Gaultier, published by Réunion des Musées Nationaux, Canada

2015     'The Groucho Club', published by the Groucho Club, UK

2015     'She Came to Stay', Rook & Raven Gallery, UK

2015     'And Painting? A pintura contemporanea em questao', Isabel Sabino, Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, Portugal

2013     'Paper', Ben Street & Roxie Warder, Saatchi Gallery, UK

2013     '100 London Artists', Edward Lucie-Smith & Zavier Ellis, published by Elizabeth Beecher Publishing, UK

2011     'Don de Gentes' (front cover), Elvira Lindo, Santillana Ediciones Generales, S.L., Madrid, Spain

2011     'Peter Jensen &', by Peter Jensen, Gerard Wilson, Abake & Susannah Frankel, published by Dent-de-Leone, UK

2009     'Ship of Fools', The Fine Art Society, UK

2006     'The Jerwood Drawing Prize', printed by Wimbledon College of Art, UK


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