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Young Dictator Portraits: Annie Kevans' Paintings Of Hitler, Mao And Mussolini (PHOTOS)

by Katherine Brooks
20 June 2013

Recognize the dashing young man in this portrait, painted with the faintest hint of a toothbrush moustache?
The child in question is none other than Adolf Hitler. London-based artist Annie Kevans painted the image above nine years ago when she was in art school, and followed it up with more of the world's worst political figures.
Kevans' installation, called "Boys," is now on view at Saatchi Gallery's "Paper" exhibit. A young Mao Zedong, an adolescent Saddam Hussein, and a particularly frightening Joseph Stalin on the edge of puberty are gathered together in the oil painting series below.
"People had been trying to buy bits and pieces of [the installation]," Kevans stated to the Guardian. "They all wanted Hitler."
Let us know what you think of the tiny tyrants in the comments. For more of the unexpected portrait series, check out Saatchi's website here, where you can glimpse portraits of Japanese Prince Yasuhiko Asaka, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania and more.
"Paper" will be on view at Saatchi Gallery in London until September 29, 2013.




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