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'Women Artists - A Conversation', Fine Art Society, London

The Fine Art Society is pleased to announce a major group exhibition of contemporary women artists. Featuring works in a diverse range of mediums, styles and genres, the exhibition represents a cross-section of the work produced by women today. The show coincides with - and responds to - The Fine Art Society's sixth exhibition of the artist Gluck (1895-1978). A radical artist of her day, Gluck wanted to be recognised for her art and not for her gender. She adopted men's clothing, cropped her hair short and insisted on being addressed as Gluck: "no prefix, suffix or quote". For Women Artists: A Conversation, twelve contemporary artists have been invited to respond to Gluck's legacy with their own original works. In the spirit of Gluck's fiercely guarded sense of individuality, the exhibition presents a selection of domestic, functional, private, abstract, descriptive, discursive and decorative works, intending to show that there is no single standard for what we consider a 'woman' artist and questioning the significance of staging an all-women show in 2017. Participating artists include Phoebe Boswell, Eileen Cooper RA, Jennifer Durrant RA, Vanessa Jackson RA, Annie Kevans, Susie MacMurray, Annie Morris, Ishbel Myerscough, Cathie Pilkington RA, Geraldine Swayne, Bettina von Zwehl, and Caroline Walker. 6 - 28 February 2017


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