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Solo Exhibition at Danziger Gallery, New York


3 November 2016 - 13 January 2017 Danziger Gallery is pleased to present our first show of works by the acclaimed British painter Annie Kevans. Known for the originality of her ideas as well as the deftness and beauty of her brushstrokes, since 2004 Kevans has created multiple series of portraits with provocative historical, social, or political concepts. Our exhibition’s main focus is "The History of Art” - portraits of 20 women artists, either renowned in their time but now largely forgotten, or who came to be known via their association with male artists. Responding to the one-sidedness of art history, Kevans sees a person’s historical significance diminished without putting a face to a name. Her portraits seek to rectify that. Complimenting this is a new group of paintings of male artists who incorporated drag into their self-portraiture, along with selections from four other series. 95 RIVINGTON STREET NEW YORK NY 10002 TEL: 212 629 6778


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