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'REPORTRAIT', Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery

The portrait has continued to be one of the most recognised, revisited, and arguably the most celebrated art forms throughout history. Exclusive to Nottingham Castle, this exhibition demonstrates how classical and traditional figurative portraiture continues to inspire artists today, and remains relevant within contemporary artistic discourse. Reportrait presents thirteen artists who have reimagined historical sources, altered or disrupted typical notions of how the portrait is defined, or used an image or reproduction as a starting point to create something new. Consisting of new commissions made in direct response to Nottingham City Museums & Galleries collections, alongside loans, and works straight from the artist’s studios, the exhibition showcases painting, photography, installation, digital art, sculpture, video and drawing, many of which have never been seen in public before. Exhibiting Artists: Annie Kevans, Antony Micallef, Glenn Brown, Jake Wood-Evans, James E Smith, Jasleen Kaur, Julie Cockburn, Maisie Broadhead, Matthieu Leger, Samin Ahmadzadeh, Sasha Bowles, Philip Gurrey and Paul Stephenson 27 May - 10 September 2017


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