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Exhibition: 'Summer Exhibition' at the Royal Academy, London

For the first time in history, the Summer Exhibition will fall in winter. But at the RA, summer is a state of mind, not a time of year. Discover a myriad of works by household names and emerging artists inside our joyous festival of art. 252 years ago, a group of artists made it their mission to form an annual exhibition to support artists and architects, by showcasing art of the moment to the nation. The Summer Exhibition has run uninterrupted ever since: a backdrop to famous artistic rivalries of the past and now a fixture of the summer calendar for art seekers, year after year. Coordinated by artistic duo Jane and Louise Wilson RA, this autumn is set to be just as uplifting – you are sure to see art you love, art you hate, and art that puts a smile on your face. You might even find art to take home. Gallery VIII: This year David Remfry RA has selected works that he felt had an element of joy, a large part of why there are so many stunning portraits in Gallery VIII. Keep an eye out for RA Schools students Sofia Clausse and Agnieszka Szczotka, a deceased rodent called Pierre and Anne Desmet RA’s Wood Engraver’s Tower, made especially for the centenary year of the Society of Wood Engravers. 6 October 2020 — 3 January 2021 Burlington House Piccadilly Mayfair London W1J 0BD


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