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Exhibition: 'ICON'

Participating artists:

THOMAS ALLEN – STEPHEN CHAMBERS RA – EILEEN COOPER RA – TRACEY EMIN RA – NICOLE FARHI – REBECCA FONTAINE WOLF – LAURA FORD – NICOLA GREEN – KRISTINA HAGSTROM – TOM HAMMICK – JEREMY HOUGHTON – LOU JOHNS – ALICE KETTLE – ANNIE KEVANS – LIANE LANG – IRENE LEES – ENZO MARRA – JANE MCADAM FREUD – CHITRA MERCHANT – ANDREW MILLAR – GRAYSON PERRY RA – MARC QUINN – DAN STEVENS "A portrait of Linor Abargil—former Miss World winner from Israel. She was raped a few weeks before winning the title in 1998, subsequently she became and remains a global campaigner against sexual violence. Now retrained as a lawyer, she is deeply religious and is only seen in headscarves and long clothes. A documentary about her was made called ‘Brave Miss World’ (by a team of women), which won numerous awards around the world. I think Linor Abargil makes a fascinating subject because of her transformation from beauty queen icon to feminist icon, from model to activist, from bikinis to headscarves." Annie Kevans Candida Stevens Fine Art, 12 Northgate, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1BA, UK


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