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Exhibition: 'ICON'

Participating artists:

THOMAS ALLEN – STEPHEN CHAMBERS RA – EILEEN COOPER RA – TRACEY EMIN RA – NICOLE FARHI – REBECCA FONTAINE WOLF – LAURA FORD – NICOLA GREEN – KRISTINA HAGSTROM – TOM HAMMICK – JEREMY HOUGHTON – LOU JOHNS – ALICE KETTLE – ANNIE KEVANS – LIANE LANG – IRENE LEES – ENZO MARRA – JANE MCADAM FREUD – CHITRA MERCHANT – ANDREW MILLAR – GRAYSON PERRY RA – MARC QUINN – DAN STEVENS ​ "A portrait of Linor Abargil—former Miss World winner from Israel. She was raped a few weeks before winning the title in 1998, subsequently she became and remains a global campaigner against sexual violence. Now retrained as a lawyer, she is deeply religious and is only seen in headscarves and long clothes. A documentary about her was made called ‘Brave Miss World’ (by a team of women), which won numerous awards around the world. I think Linor Abargil makes a fascinating subject because of her transformation from beauty queen icon to feminist icon, from model to activist, from bikinis to headscarves." Annie Kevans ​ Candida Stevens Fine Art, 12 Northgate, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1BA, UK

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